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This is a call
to all Muslim Communities

Take Madina as your template for a renovation of our cities and neighbourhoods. This will be founded on the principles of Madina which are Peace, Social justice, Unity, Freedom and Compassion. The following are some of the main requirements of the MTM:

Principally, based on the Transition Town Movement founded by Rob Hopkins who recognised that the only way of survival in our times is to turn towards self-sustainability and develop locally sound economies that can withstand the battering of the financial economy based on interest-banking.



Mosques are communal places of worship, education and social engagement, where Muslims gather to perform the five daily prayers, prepare food for social and charitable programs, wash the bodies of our dead, and host various other religious and social engagements throughout the year. Madina Town Movement proposes to assist all the mosques of Britain, where there are well over 1000 and hundreds of Muslims in attendance, to manage the use of water, electricity, gas, and the amount of refuse generated as well as how that refuse is disposed.

Our program aims to:

  • Reduce energy consumption – gas and electricity bills
  • Reduce refuse waste
  • Reduce water consumption – water bills
  • Enable mosques to act as exemplars of sustainable practices for the wider community
  • Become clean, eye-pleasing centres with gardens, and possibly fountains


Madina Town Movement has a comprehensive model for trade and transactions taken from the command of Allah in the Qur’an as well as the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, and his noble Companions, may Allah be pleased with all of them. Throughout the establishment and expansion of Islam to foreign lands the personal rule of men and women in trade associations (guilds), market spaces for free trade, caravans, charity-based buildings and lands (awqaf), and the agreed to rules of trade including the medium of exchange (tangible currencies) have one binding truth upon which they are based: Taqwa of Allah and obedience to His Messenger, may Allah bless him and grant him peace.

Businesses can benefit directly from the Madina Town Movement Awqaf model through:

  • Guilds: create a network of businesses. The rules of membership are be fair, honest, reliable and trustworthy.
  • Fair Markets: a physical and digital market for traders to trade rent-free and with a wealth that has intrinsic value and which is fixed in its exchange, i.e. nothing to do with the speculative usurious economy.

Madina Town Movement’s primary goal is to make facilities amenable and accessible which are otherwise deemed as closed or expensive for the majority of the Muslim community.


Muslims and the society we coexist with are in dire need to balance our modern lifestyles and return to our natural disposition (fitra), where our mass consumption of modified foods and synthetic drugs are strongly reevaluated in the light of wholistic practices and eating habits that are entirely focused on our long term wellbeing and overall improvement of life. 

We encourage health workshops to educate families:

  • Eat healthily based on the Prophetic way, emphasise concepts such as ‘halal’, ‘tayyib’ and ‘eat together’
  • Grow your own food, garden workshops, in some cases offer garden services to those less privileged to encourage gardens in Muslim homes
  • Herbal practitioners educate people on alternative medicine
  • Children’s education
  • Share food through communal meals
  • Feed the homeless and those in need
  • Invite your neighbour to your house


Universities and students namely the ISOC (Islamic Societies) can actively participate and offer a pool of resources to voluntarily help and engage in the movement. It would mean using the principles of MTM and educating at student level in order for youth to engage and become better prepared using the foundations which make the MTM special in promoting the Madina values – Trust, Reliability, Honesty, and building the idea of Futuwwa (Chivalry) at this level.

There were over 136 000 Muslim British students in universities and higher education universities in the UK between 2012-2016 a number that is growing as the Muslim population in the UK increases and more Muslim students are encouraged/have opportunities to take on higher education. (Not to mention the significant number of Muslim students who come to study in the UK from abroad for 3 up to 8 years and some remaining in the UK and integrating into British society)

Reaching out to this large number of students that are embedded into different academic and career fields and transmitting the values of MTM and futuwwa through mediums like the ISOCs and the others can help spread these principles to the wider community.

Employ Muslim Student Ambassadors to further the ambitions of MTM.

Madina Town Movement core

We require a core body of people who understand the needs of each of the strands mentioned above, who are committed and meet on a regular basis to implement the core program of the Madina Town Movement. The following is a non-exhaustive list the core team will undertake in our initial work: